The post "spice and curry" generation

Claudia Kramatschek writes about the new landscape of Indian writing in English. She mentions Rana Dasgupta, Altaf Tyrewala, Samit Basu, Sarnath Banerjee and several others:

Many Indian authors – especially younger ones – will tell you that they experience a certain pressure, strengthened by internationally active publishers, to act as cultural ambassadors. In other words, either to turn out “spice and curry” in the form of easily-digestible novels of the exotic variety, or else elucidations of “Indianness” as such.
But a younger generation of authors now appears to have emerged in the English-language literary sector whose common development manifests a kind of caesura. All are between 25 and 35 years of age – a fact while in and of itself represents a minor revolution in a country where the aura of the senior writer has always shaped the literary canon. All came of age in an India where access to the wider world was available via mouseclick, and all feel at home within the most divergent cultures – and they play with this intercultural network in their literary work as well…





2 responses to “The post "spice and curry" generation”

  1. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    Can you please throw some light, a few photons maybe, on the following line from the article? Maybe with your friend’s help. “Over the past year, a woman friend of mine has had sexual relations with 16 people. And she can no longer recall which of them wRana Dasguptaas the first. Hardly the classical image of the young North Indian woman.”P.S. My first impression is that it’s a typo: ‘wRana Dasguptaas the first’ should have been ‘was Rana Dasgupta. The first?’

  2. St Antonym Avatar

    Actually, what happened there was a typo, in which “Rana Dasgupta” was accidentally pasted into the text. Strange. It happened a couple of paragraphs above as well.So, sorry, nothing saucy.Great article though!

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