The Iron Purdah

Asra Q Nomani, in Slate:

“The image-makers of the West…seem to have a veil fetish. They are doing the exact opposite of what the European politicians suggest: They’re imposing the veil on women… Book publishers seem to be the worst offenders. And, ironically, veiled women are often used to promote books by and about women who reject the niqab. Arab-American writer Susan Muaddi Darraj protested when Praeger Publishers slapped the image of menacing eyes framed by a black veil (with minarets curiously rising out of the veil’s blackness) on the cover of Scheherazade’s Legacy, an anthology she edited of writings by Arab and Arab-American women, most of whom are Christian. “I was not happy with it—it seemed almost sarcastic given the content and the scope of the book itself,” says Darraj. “However, the publisher seemed to show no interest in my perspective. … The cover was ‘finished,’ from their point of view.”





One response to “The Iron Purdah”

  1. Krishna Parmeswaran Avatar

    Ultimately this only goes to show conservativeness exists everywhere. The Westerners look upon others especially from East as orthodox and narrow minded. But similarly Easterners also accuse them of intolerance & superior attitude. I only support those who are truly secular and view the world with impartiality, but such people are a minority. All said and done, for book publishers to behave like this is wrong, as they represent the educated and cultured side of the society.

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