Month: November 2006

  • Babu in Bhutan

    The Babu takes (yet another) blogging break for the next seven days. He hopes to meet apparently elusive Bhutanese poets, but will content himself with random yak poetry, if all else fails. But he knows you won’t miss him, not when there’s the Sidebar People to visit, especially these guys.

  • The Iron Purdah

    Asra Q Nomani, in Slate: “The image-makers of the West…seem to have a veil fetish. They are doing the exact opposite of what the European politicians suggest: They’re imposing the veil on women… Book publishers seem to be the worst offenders. And, ironically, veiled women are often used to promote books by and about women […]

  • Naipaul, the usual

    Somewhere in this collection of provocative quotes, I suspect Sir Vidia was making a fairly complex argument. Not that you can tell from the story.“There is no tradition of reading in India. There is no tradition of contemporary literature.” “Indians have no regard for museums…The idea of a museum is a Western idea. It’s not […]

  • Onan the barbarian?

    One more reason to read the TLS, says Robert Fulford: Spare a tender thought for Onan: Has anyone in the Bible or anywhere else ever endured such slander? Imagine having a sin named after you when there’s no evidence you ever committed it. For three centuries or more, “the sin of Onan” has meant auto-eroticism. […]

  • Scenes from the Char Bagh

    Author comes out as gay, accuses publisher of blackmail. Ngugi wa Thiong’o launches a controversial book in Kenya–but it’s kept so hush-hush for security reasons that no one shows up. The Kennedy clan skips the launch of Jack’s Widow, which depicts Jacquie Kennedy Onassis as a CIA agent. Na, the Babu doesn’t care how exciting […]