Month: October 2006

  • New, improved Kitabkhana

    Whyphor you read Kitabkhana in Babu English when you are having so much other option? Courtesy The Dialectizer, my humble blog in: 1. Pig Latin: Ifelay appenedhay ecausebay Iyay urnedtay ethay agespay~~Albertoyay Anguelmay 2. Elmer Fudd:If you wook at the wist of the eighteen peopwe who get to choose the next Nobew Wauweate, the weawwy […]

  • Thursday next…

    …says the Swedish Academy.This report does a valiant job of the usual “We have no real news, but we’re trying” Nobel story, and mentions:“The Swedish Academy also tapped two writers to replace two members who died this year.”If you look at the list of the eighteen people who get to choose the next Nobel Laureate, […]

  • Houelleraiser (Retd)

    Sam Lipsyte spends a week on the road with Michel Houellebecq waiting for the man to do his bad, bad thing; all he gets is “a kind of heavy-lidded stare that says, “Anytime You Want to Shut Your Stupid Mouth I’ll Be Quite Delighted.”

  • How to review a Famous Slacker novel

    In bed.

  • India at Frankfurt

    The Hindu delivers the good news: Bengali writer Mahashweta Devi, the Grande Dame of Indian literature at 80 years, kicked off the Frankfurt Book Fair on Wednesday….”Sixty years after our hard-won Independence, the khadi sari is India just as much as the mini-skirt and the backless choli is. A bullock cart is India just as […]

  • Run, Updike, run

    “Why, oh why, did Salman Rushdie in his new novel call one of his major characters Maximilian Ophuls?” John Updike, reviewing Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown in the New Yorker last year. “A name is just a name. ‘Why, oh why … ?’ Well, why not? Somewhere in Las Vegas there’s probably a male prostitute called […]