R K Narayan and Friends

N Ram uses the occasion of R K Narayan’s birth centenary to explain why his work will “still stand tall”, when several of today’s stars have been forgotten:

For Narayan’s `discoverer’ Greene, it seemed, nothing could better Swami and Friends, the typescript of which charmed the English writer in 1934-35. Most critics are likely to consider the eighth novel, The Guide (1958), as the writer’s most imaginative and accomplished. However, each reader might have her or his personal favourite — The English Teacher (1945) or The Financial Expert (1952) perhaps. (Narayan once related to us what he claimed was the real life story of a practical banker who, beguiled by the title of the sixth novel, ordered dozens of copies for the edification of his employees and then, when he discovered its fictional content, didn’t know what to do with his paid-for stock.)

And Mysore blogChurumuri, meanwhile, continues its R K Narayan campaign.





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