Musharraf’s In The Line of Fire

Pakistan’s Big Chief will be releasing his autobiography soon. He’s had assistance from someone his editors are careful not to call a ghost writer–“this would not amount to co-authorship”. (What would a fake ghost writer be? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be the djinnuine article.)
I might skip reading the book; for all its political importance, I bet Musharraf can’t match the stylistic exuberance of The Diary of a Social Butterfly (lead item on page).





One response to “Musharraf’s In The Line of Fire”

  1. apre_bhat76 Avatar

    Much more interesting than this is – “Musharraf’s Skewed Line of Fire” by RV Bhasin. The Indian lawyer takes a cross-examinational glimpse at Musharraf’s moves and seeks to expose the General as a blatant liar.

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