Month: August 2006

  • Fangs for the memory

    Amardeep Singh reviews Snakes on a Plane: The eponymous “snakes” here are clearly the wild slithering irruption of the Real, while the “plane” is the Phallus that operates in the angular, metallic register of the Symbolic. The film thematizes the rebellion of the Real (the resisting third world subaltern, who also represents the death-drive) over […]

  • Musharraf’s In The Line of Fire

    Pakistan’s Big Chief will be releasing his autobiography soon. He’s had assistance from someone his editors are careful not to call a ghost writer–“this would not amount to co-authorship”. (What would a fake ghost writer be? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be the djinnuine article.) I might skip reading the book; for all its […]

  • You say Gare-tuh, I say Goo-tuh

    The Millions has a wonderful post up about the proper pronunciations of author’s names–it’s “Shay-mus” Heaney, not “Shaw-mus”, Rill-kuh, not Rill-kee, etc. And at last, I can now say “Ngugi wa’Thiong’o” in public without embarrassing myself.How about authors from the subcontinent–any names we’re not sure how to pronounce?

  • Looooong lists: Booker, Guardian

    The Booker longlist:Peter Carey for Theft: A Love Story (Faber & Faber) Kiran Desai for The Inheritance of Loss (Hamish Hamilton). Robert Edric for Gathering the Water (Doubleday). Nadine Gordimer for Get a Life (Bloomsbury). Kate Grenville for The Secret River (Canongate). M. J. Hyland for Carry Me Down (Canongate). Howard Jacobson for Kalooki Nights […]

  • Gunter, Grassed

    Reading the reactions–outrage, shock, compassion, righteous wrath, sadness, understanding, anger–to Gunter Grass’s confession that he served in the SS in the last phase of the Second World War, I couldn’t help wondering: what if he’d just shut up? He kept his secret for decades; it might well have emerged after his death, but Grass wouldn’t […]

  • So you’re on the bestseller list? Hmmm..

    From Luise Hoffman’s interview with Nury Vittachi: “[Vittachi] warns that best-seller lists cannot always be trusted, particularly in Asia. “The gentleman who writes the Hong Kong bestseller list once met me at a party, and he said, ‘My company wants a discount of all your books,’ and I said, ‘I’m a writer, I can’t do […]