Month: July 2006

  • Anthony Doerr and the short story

    From Beatrice’s Selling Shorts series, Ben Percy on Anthony Doerr: It isn’t often that I crack open a story and feel profoundly jealous….That’s what happens when I read The Hunter’s Wife (from The Shell Collector).I have quite frankly had enough of these stories where a woman makes tea in her kitchen, where a man goes […]

  • The Quiet Englishman

    (Via Maud Newton)John R MacArthur may have been the last man to interview Graham Greene before the author’s death in 1991. His focus was on Greene’s politics, not the books, but it’s still a piece worth reading: When I first saw Graham Greene, he was lunching outdoors with his longtime mistress at Chez Felix, Greene’s […]

  • "The subjects of the Exalted One will all be destroyed"

    (Punch cartoon, The Asiatic Mystery) William Dalrymple offers a distinctly different view of 1857 in this essay for Outlook, which introduces some of the subjects he writes about in the soon to be published Last Mughals: The [story of the ] Great Mutiny has usually been told by the Marxist historians of the 1960s and […]