Medals, awards and the sunglass-wiping service

Colm Toibin wins the IMPAC for his novel on Henry James, The Master

–James Shapiro wins the Samuel Johnson prize for his A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare

–Ian McEwan wins Britain’s oldest book prize for Saturday

–Sonny Mehta helps set up a literary prize aimed at finding and introducing new Japanese writing talent to the rest of the world.

–I don’t care about the cash part of the Prince Asturias award, but I’m so envious of Paul Auster–every winner gets a Joan Miro sculpture along with the cheque.

–Meanwhile, John Walsh gives us the dope on the Prince Maurice award for literary love stories. “The winner gets a trophy and a free two-week stay in this beautiful hotel [in Mauritius], where guests are pampered to a ludicrous degree. (I liked the sunglasses-wiping service.)”





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