Go tell it on the mountain

Two Tibetans, Sonam Bhote and Wangdi Gyalpo, have become the first authors ever to hold a book launch atop Mount Everest. According to this story, their intention was to “prove to the world that, Sherpas and Tibetans who are basically regarded as mountaineers and high altitude porters also possess calibre in literature”.

For obvious reasons, there wasn’t much of an audience, though I wonder what the reactions of passing yetis might have been to pieces like this:

Feelings of a Whore
By Wangdi Gyalpo

When mighty rays
bid adieu
from the distant horizon
to receive reception from others
Reluctantly I enter one’s toilet
to prepare myself
for the hunting
and to live life incognito.

Equipping myself
with best attires,
make-ups and sensual lips,
showing stimulating hips
I go to concrete jungles
butchering my true being
just to be a prey
of some rich bellies.

Every kind –
Dark, fair,
stony, lean,
chubby and wrinkled
pounce on
my carcass
to quench their hunger.

The warmth and essence
of my body
that I inherited
from my beloved mother
have been blurred
warming uncountable icy beds
of cheap motels.

They call themselves a good father
but daughters of others, they slaughter.
I am of their daughters’ age
but have to endure their lustful gaze.

Happiness and sorrows they share
and in vain, I ask Him, is it fair?
Those, who for some filthy reason
dumped me in an ocean
where there is no shore.
These days, they call me a whore.





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