Month: May 2006

  • More seriously, Zubaan wants you

    Talented, female, Asian, not into plagiarising, got new, original fiction? The good people over at Zubaan need you. I know they’re not going to say this, but their standards are pretty high, so don’t submit anything that’s only slush-pile average; send them your best. Here’s what it’s all about: THE ZUBAAN BOOK OF NEW WRITING […]

  • Stunning New Kaavya Revelations

    In a shocking, exclusive expose, The Harvard Scarlet & Mauve revealed that Kaavya Viswanathan has not plagiarised from any of these books: Lolita, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Ruhnama, Gulliver’s Travels or, indeed, the classic text Chemistry: A Practical Handbook. Initially her publishers said that the omissions would be corrected in a second, more inclusive […]