April: Month of the Kitab

Just a quick note to remind everyone that April isn’t always the cruellest month.

Kiran Nagarkar’s God’s Little Soldier will be launched on April 7 in Delhi at The Park; he’s also giving a talk the next day at Crossword’s bookshop in Gurgaon.

Irwin Allan Sealy’s Red will also be launched later this month.

The Kitab festival is on from 6th to 9th April in Delhi; they’ve promised readings, more fun panels and less Whithering (whither the novel, whither Indian writing etc) than most literary festivals, so do drop by. I particularly like ‘Woman’s writing: what is it and do women want it?’

And if you’re travelling to New York, hang around from April 25 to 30 for the PEN festival. Achebe, Atwood, Akunin down to Rushdie, Zadie Smith and Huang Xiang, everyone’s going to be there.





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