Er, yes, there were books…

…at the Calcutta Book Fair. But also jhal muri, phuchka, assorted delights at the Benfish stall, a million mishtis and, as Great Bong reminds us all in this lovely post, six kinds of mishti doi.
The Babu spent some time at the Delhi Book Fair, too, but despite the food stalls at Pragati Maidan, his stomach rumbled nostalgically for sandesh. Instead, he was offered salvation, sex and the superconsciousness and other forms of relatively indigestible spirituality.
Some of his colleagues spent their time more profitably. The Jabberwock, for instance, interviewed Rough Guides’ Kevin Fitzgerald: “We initiated the idea of travel-blogging before it was a widely known term.”





2 responses to “Er, yes, there were books…”

  1. The Quaint Quenyan Avatar

    Umm…w.r.t. the book fair, aren’t you forgetting what is probably its most important characteristic…the ubiquitous, swirling, stifling, all-pervading dust

  2. Hurree Avatar

    The dust? Ate that too. In quantity, but it’s not so bad washed down with fresh coconut water.

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