Month: January 2006

  • A small, good thing

    Hollywood Madam analyses the screen adaptation of E Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain:“After reading the story the first time, it became clear that there was no reason why Ang Lee’s adaptation shouldn’t succeed, at least on a script level. Proulx’s brusque prose details the passing of years with brevity and elegance — each intense emotion is […]

  • Beyond Belief?

    The Times sent out Naipaul’s In A Free State to twenty agents and publishers, confident, they said tongue-in-cheek, that “the special qualities of such timeless prose” would be recognised by today’s publishers. Given that it is one of his better novels, The Times was running a fairly large risk that some reader, however low on […]

  • Random lists: Neil Gaiman

    A list of unwritten stories, taken from the mind of Richard Madoc in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Calliope’ (The Sandman: Dream Country): “I could write a whole story set at a party. Possibly something could have happened to the world outside—a Holocaust of some kind… These people are partying against the darkness.The fraternity of critics. In reality, […]

  • Random lists: Nilita Vachani

    From Nilita Vachani’s Homespun: In her second year at Frankfurt, Anu did nothing but drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and read books. She read without pause and without discrimination. She maintained an alphabetical list and wrote down the titles of all the books that she had read and in the order that she had read them: […]

  • From the reading diary

    And here are a few reasons why the Babu unplugged for such a long time. This is a partial, random selection from a handful of the many, many books that made 2005 a great reading year for me. They were very effective distractions. Siddharth Chowdhury on the (imaginary) Precious Ramotswe of India, from Patna Roughcut: […]

  • Back in a Hurree

    Amit Varma can pun about this till his cows come home, but the fact remains that it was having him, Chandrahas and Jai over for dinner that shamed the Babu into slinking furtively back to the blog. (There they were discussing litblogging and cowblogging and moblogging with erudition and ease, and there was the Babu, […]