Indicaribbean, they do things differently; indibloggies, everyone gets to vote.
Ok, that was a terrible pun.
Here’s the list of nominees.
Go vote.

I’m shamelessly canvassing for good friends and blogger faves in these categories:

IndiBlog of the Year:

India Uncut, Indian Writing, SEA-EAT, Death Ends Fun, A Walk in the Clouds… The rest are pretty cool too, but these are the ones I keep going back to.

Best Humanities Indiblog:

(Erk. Terrible category name, but nevertheless…)

Jabberwock: That Jai. He wocks the talk.
Middle Stage: Chandrahas’s precociously erudite prose. Oh, those Russians.

All I have to say about the Best Sports Indiblog category is, this is a country where everyone takes sick leave for cricket matches as a matter of course, every park has avid footballers, we grew up on kabbadi and kho kho and we can manage just TWO MEASLY nominations in the sportsblogging field? Tchah. Call ourselves bloggers?

Best Topical IndiBlog:

I love Sonia Faleiro’s writing; in the more classically blogpost vein, though, Zoo Station is a huge personal favourite. But then I also like Youth Curry, and Atanu, and The Palm Leaf… this category is more overcrowded than a DTC bus at rush hour.

Best Group Blog: SEA-EAT and Sepia Mutiny. Making choices is a bitch, ain’t it?





One response to “IndiBloggies”

  1. bushra Avatar

    that indicaribbean joke gets my vote.

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