Random lists: Neil Gaiman

A list of unwritten stories, taken from the mind of Richard Madoc in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Calliope’ (The Sandman: Dream Country):

“I could write a whole story set at a party. Possibly something could have happened to the world outside—a Holocaust of some kind… These people are partying against the darkness.
The fraternity of critics. In reality, a dark brethren, linked by profane rites and blood vows. To destroy an author they sacrifice a child and perform a critical mass…
A city in which the streets are paved with time.
A train full of silent women, plowing forever through the twilight.
Heads made of light. A small piece of blue cardboard. A plum, sweet and tart and cold. A were-goldfish who transforms into a wolf at full moon.
Two old women taking a weasel on holiday.
Gryphons shouldn’t marry. Vampire’s don’t dance.
A man who inherits a library card to the library in Alexandria.
A rose bush, a nightingale and a black rubber dog collar.
A man who falls in love with a paper doll.
An old man in Sunderland who owns the universe, and who kept it in a jam-jar in the dusty cupboard under his stairs…
A sestina about silence, using the key words dark, ragged, never, screaming, fire, kiss.
A biography of Keats, from the lamia’s viewpoint.”





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