Hush, hush, nobody cares…

…Disney just kicked Chris Robin downstairs.

Yup, they’re trying to replace the boy who loved Winnie the Pooh with a six-year-old redheaded girl. Pooh fans are furious, but then this is Disney. It’s best to take Eeyore’s view on this:
“Ha-ha,” said Eeyore bitterly. “Merriment and what-not. Don’t apologize. It’s just what would happen.”

P.S. Six-year-old redhead? Did the geniuses at Disney marketing figure out this was Their Demographic, or was someone creative trying to cross Anne of Green Gables with Charlie Brown’s little redheaded girl?


  1. Well, I must say this is upsetting news. Is Disney crazy? Christopher Robin cannot be replaced. Just as easy to skip Piglet! Or why not Pooh himself? Or make him a black bear… we live in an age of political correctness where my cousin’s primary school in Warrington has a lathi-dance for Christmas so that the minority communities feel reassured that their rights are not being infringed upon…These Brits and Yanks are crazy! Wouldn’t surprise me to hear the sky did fall on their heads.

  2. And a good cess to you, Sue. Hurree Jamset Ram Singh is a favourite, though it’s been years since I read the Billy Bunter books, but the name’s from Kipling’s Kim. The Babu is described extensively in Kim, but this line is possibly my favourite: “Hurree Babu replied that he was no more than an inexpert dabbler in the mysteries; but at least – he thanked the Gods therefore – he knew when he sat in the presence of a master.”

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