Licence my roving hands and etc

Giles Coren wins the Bad Sex award with an unpunctuated 138-word sentence; meanwhile, Belle du Jour examines Good Sex in literature, arriving via John Donne and Nabokov at this:

“I particularly relish the description of Solanaceæ, the Nightshade family, in the Rev C. A. Johns’s Flowers of the Field (1905). Flowers are after all the reproductive organs of plants. The book was published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and indeed, with anthers all a-burst and calyces deeply cleft, it could scarcely be more biblical.
“Calyx inferior, deeply cleft; corolla hypogynous, gamopetalous, plaited when in bud; stamens in one whorl, alternate with the petals; anthers bursting either by terminal pores or slits down their inner surfaces; ovary 2-chambered; style 1; sigma simple; fruit a 2-4-chambered capsule or nuculane; seeds numerous.”

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