The first black vampire

The SF Bay Guardian has an interview with Octavia Butler, whose new work stars an African American vampire who can walk around during the day because melanin protects her from the sun’s rays. Nice idea, now let’s do a film starring Anil Kapoor as a werewolf–the kicker being that no one will ever notice when the man who sells rugs from his chest actually transforms from man to hairy beast.
Butler chats about another story, Amnesty, as well:
“My character is one of the first people let go, but she’s been a prisoner for years. The human police agency that picks her up when she’s released decides that she must know secrets and that if she’s not telling the secrets that she knows, it must be because she’s siding with the aliens. They arrest her and lock her up and treat her rather badly.

This whole thing was inspired by what happened to Dr. Wen Ho Lee in the late 1990s. He is a Chinese American who worked at Los Alamos [National Laboratory] and was suddenly accused of spying for Red China – which was interesting because he was actually from Taiwan!
His career was pretty much ruined because of the accusation, and he was locked up for a while. He didn’t know when he would get out again, whether he would get out again, what might happen to him while he was inside. That’s truly the terrifying part: If you’re innocent and you’re locked up and you have no information to trade for your freedom. I had no idea how popular this behavior was about to become.”





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