Month: October 2005

  • "Without hope and without despair"

    (Courtesy Amit) Raymond Carver’s 1981 essay on the principles of the short story is up at the Prospect site. “The short story writer’s task is to invest the glimpse with all that is in his power. He’ll bring his intelligence and literary skill to bear (his talent), his sense of proportion and sense of the […]

  • Sartaj Singh, eight years on

    “As Sartaj stood up they watched him apprehensively… They were a nice old pair, handsome and fine-drawn and cultured, but he had no regret for inflicting fear on them. It was what his job required of him, this distance from the rest of the world, their wariness of him, it was inevitable and necessary and […]

  • No offence, ET

    This is the first verse of the poem the human race wants to send into space: look at your handsyour beautiful useful handsyou’re not an apeyou’re not a parrotyou’re not a slow lorisor a smart missileyou’re human (‘Human Beings’, Adrian Mitchell) And this is currently the Babu’s all-time favourite culturally sensitive quote:“When it goes into […]

  • Nom d’un nom

    This is the only news story you’ll ever read in which Dante and a Major Kuppepadav alias Friar Maxim Rosario feature in the same sentence.