OUP is One Of Us?

Well, OUP’s started a blog at any rate (link via Complete Review). It still has that newly minted, slightly uncertain look and is a trifle excerpt-heavy, but they have interesting original content:

Welcome to the OUP blog! Those of you looking for that “original content” we’ve promised can reference:
Nancy Sherman’s post on America’s treatment of our Iraq War veterans…
Harm de Blij’s post on why geography education really does matter…
Jill Quadagno and Jerome Kassirer commenting on the problems in our health care system…
And Donald Ritchie’s thoughts on the Karl Rove / Valerie Plame scandal…
Just to name a few and there is much more to come, so stay tuned.

The Babu wants an Indian version; OUP’s publishing programme in India is pretty extensive, but doesn’t get much media coverage because we believe gossip belongs on the books pages, not books. Also, to be honest, he’s tired of your common or garden variety, death-of-the-novel, who’s-an-Indian-writer-then literary spat. He wants a ringside seat as venerable dons get down and dirty over footnote 1.3 (vi) and whether it does or doesn’t contradict the tertiary sources in Appendix 8a, Section 40 (xiiii). He wants the kind of deadly contest where Academic X narrows his eyes and snarls, “See Panjandrum’s monograph on Monotheistic Tendencies in The Dickless Lemur, para 6, you cur!” and reels back in shock when Academic Y curls his lip and retorts, “Panjandrum? I think not. Consider Bigshot’s Reykjavik presentation on The Semiotics of ChestBeating in Castrated Mountain Gorillas, paragraph 4–oh, and the footnote on Page 107!” All of this while breathless witnesses shake their heads: “He cited the footnote on Pg 107? That’s–that’s–harsh!

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