Month: August 2005

  • Wave to The Masses, darling

    Finally, a literary award put together by a PowerPoint presentation run amok. Welcome to The Quills, where Deepak Chopra, Anne Lamott and company finally, finally get to Thank The Academy. From the website: The Quill Awards are a consumer-driven celebration of the written word created to inspire reading while promoting literacy. The goals of The […]

  • Jailhouse rock

    The winning entries from PEN’s Prison Writing Contest 2005 are in: Terrance D. Robinson: Mascara No matter how institutionalized you are, there is a part of you that panics whenever you get a new cellmate. It’s enough to drive you mad! So much anxiety! Was the guy an asshole? Could you hear him sleeping in […]

  • Bombay Blues

    India Uncut and Indian Writing, among others, have done a great job of keeping us updated on flood stories and news, aside from the blogs we mentioned in the last post. The Babu has little to contribute here, but heeding the grumbles of a Bombay pal who says he’s sick of stiff upper lips and […]

  • Mumbai Helpblogs

    From Zigzackly: “I’m about to further the perception some people have of me as being a serial offender when it comes to group blogs.The recent floods in Bombay, though nowhere near as large a tragedy as the earthquake and tsunami, showed how unprepared the city is for a disaster.A friend, one of the contributors to […]

  • The Red Queen’s Race

    In the TLS, Margaret Drabble contemplates the ironies of “appropriation” from a very personal standpoint: Drawing on a Korean narrative for The Red Queen was a foolhardly enterprise, and I was well aware of the dangers, dangers which were an integral part of my theme. Being aware, I proceeded, as I thought, in a correct […]

  • 1857 and all that

    Maya Jasanoff writes in the LRB: By the 1890s the mutiny was comfortably a thing of the past, sanitised by time, victory and imperial consolidation. But the prospect of unsettling protest within India was not a thing of the past, particularly following the misbegotten partition of Bengal in 1905. On India’s frontiers, competition with Russia […]