Slash. Burn. Pillage. Ah, Ruchir’s back.

I’m not going to quote from Ruchir Joshi’s piece in The Kolkata Telegraph. It would be a little like describing, in slow motion, the punches thrown by Evander Holyfield as the gentle thudding of felled bodies fills the air–much more fun if you see for yourself. But before he gets down to brass knuckles and wracks up a star cast of casualties (Naipaul, Rushdie, Dalrymple…), there’s this:
Across the quarter-century that Garcia Márquez struggles, contemporaneously with other unknowns such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortázar and Carlos Fuentes, there is only one name from the entire continent of South America that is properly recognized in world literature — Jorge Luis Borges. This doesn’t stop the marginal writers and critics from writing, reading, dreaming and banging café tables as they sit over their coffees and beers arguing at regular tertulias — the South American version of the adda.





9 responses to “Slash. Burn. Pillage. Ah, Ruchir’s back.”

  1. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    Dear Mr. Mookherjee,Can you please link up Ruchir’s article with your blog? Lata’s daughter might come searching…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

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  3. Anonymous Avatar

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    Hurrah! Babu,your review of Shalimar The Clown has been quoted by the complete review along with Updike’s New Yorker review and The Atlantic Monthly and Times reviews. Looks like Amitava Kumar has been proved dead wrong and Indian review is coming of age. Congrats! Here’s the complete review link:

  5. Anonymous Avatar

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  6. Zafar Anjum Avatar

    Thanks for this link to Ruchir Joshi’s piece. I have put it on too.Cheers

  7. basho Avatar

    Shalimar writes his own review, as these circles close, the rich man claps, the poor man signs offon his own epitaph.

  8. tyger Avatar

    Ah, finally — a wordsmith who can tell the sometime litterateurs and wannabe philosophers to go stick it in that bend in the river where the sun don’t shine… bravo Ruchir!

  9. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    Novella-ist Amit Chaudhuri rants on Outlook in the pretext of catching a Salmon ( ). Poor guy! Looks like he doesn’t have another novella in him.

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