Throw the book at them

From The New York Times:

Correction: Aug. 24, 2005, Wednesday:

A chart in The Arts on Tuesday with an article about “Hunger’s Brides,” the 1,360-page first novel by Paul Anderson, rounded the figure for its weight imprecisely. The book weighs 4 pounds 9 ounces, not quite 4 3/4 pounds.





3 responses to “Throw the book at them”

  1. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    It is an incredibly sad moment for the 25-year old history of Indian Literature. Our reigning champion, our soap-operatic gift to humanity, our Suitable Boy, has been beaten by bloody eleven pages. This evidently is a colonial conspiracy. Wouldn’t you agree Wilie Darling that whites – agents, publishers, editors, authors – have conspired to silence the once-conquered and the now-rising browns? India: A Million Mangal Pandeys now. BWE (Bengali Writing in English): London Chalo!We all have a novel in us. Let’s start writing today, now.Give me prose and I shall liberate you from white-colonization of Literature.Vande Literatum!

  2. Hurree Avatar

    Amit Chatterji, zindabad! (Nice pseudonym, that :)) So we need to write a new collaborative masterwork, weighing in at, oh, about 2,000 pages sounds nice, let those gora saabs top that. Suggested titles, anyone?I propose the modern-day sequel to Seth’s original masterpiece in which Lata’s daughter goes in search of…A Suitable Blog.

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