Fighting for Palestine

From The Guardian:

“It’s been a hot summer on the Palestinian arts scene: gunmen broke up the concert of a popular West Bank singer after he refused to limit his repertoire to political songs, and a Hamas-run town banned a music festival to prevent mingling of the sexes.
Now, Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish is striking back, saying fanatics have no right to deprive Palestinians of beauty in their lives. “There are Taliban-type elements in our society, and this is a very dangerous sign,” Darwish told a gathering of artists and intellectuals this week.”

The question he’s asking is: what kind of Palestine are they fighting for now? I like his poem, ‘Under Siege’:

Here on the slopes of hills, facing the dusk and the cannon of time
Close to the gardens of broken shadows,
We do what prisoners do,
And what the jobless do:
We cultivate hope.





2 responses to “Fighting for Palestine”

  1. tyger Avatar

    The ideal is beautiful as all aesthetic ideals should be — but why is it ok to ban a book on bombings set to be released on the day that there is, afsos, a real bombing, and then cavil at the belief that concerts are a little out of place when an occupier is killing your people? Not that armed toughs forcing people to leave a concert solves anything…

  2. Zafar Anjum Avatar

    Thanks for the poem. ‘We cultivate hope’.The Taliban types are the most dangerous of all tribes for human civilization. They want to kill all the beauty from this world. What will I do in a desert with only camels, mosques, and copies of the Book of God? I dread the day when this vision nurtured by some fanatics takes the shape of reality.

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