Barnes on O’Connor

Julian Barnes on the “respectful forgetting” that has settled over Frank O’Connor:

“I first came to Frank O’Connor by way of a possessive pronoun. The fiction shelves of a secondhand bookshop in Dublin proposed an antique orange Penguin: author’s name in white, title in black, no strident capitals on the spine, and the cover taken up with what was in those days a come-on – a blurry author photo. It was not this, or the distinctly familiar name that made me buy it (the original 3/5d now having become six euros), but the title. My Oedipus Complex and Other Stories. It was the slyly inviting “My” that did it. A lesser writer might have settled for “The”, and the book would have stayed on its shelf.

One comment

  1. hi julian,i just found your blog by googling for frank o’connor and his oedipus complex. i intend to write my master’s thesis about his childhood stories and would be very happy to talk about it with someone who likes the stories as much as i, maybe you’d like to write back to me.cheerssuse

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