Wish I was there

Rushdie, Andrea Levy, Dario Fo and deep-fried Mars Bars. This year’s Edinburgh book festival sounds like so much fun and of course I’m not jealous of anyone who’s going this year, of course I won’t take a meat cleaver to any of my friends who comes back with wonderful stories of schmoozing with Margaret Atwood, ‘course not.
Oh, and the deep-fried Mars Bars? They’re pretty good. No, really. Especially if the other choice on the menu is haggis.
The Herald has a profile of Catherine Lockerbie, who’s been running the show for the last five years:

“There are two basic modes to get people I really want,” she says, conspiratorially. “The first is a flash of inspiration to lure them here – I ask myself what would turn the key in the door to Edinburgh for them, what in all the world would make them think they want to go to Scotland in August for this festival, for the same small fee that anyone else would get.”
She adds: “The other mode is sheer bloodymindedness and perseverance – and I won’t tell you which author required which method.”

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