Oh, just take the whole pigeon

Elizabeth Day does a tongue-in-cheek interview with Paulo Coelho, the man who converted fortune cookie wisdom into a very profitable career. Read the whole thing here, especially this bit, which made me think that perhaps someone should tip Coelho off about the significance of white feathers:

“Coelho himself pays great attention to omens – he will start writing a new book only after finding a white feather.
‘The white feather thing started before my first book, The Pilgrimage. I asked myself, shall I write that book? I was not sure and I said if I see a feather today, I’m going to write; if I don’t see it it’s not in my destiny. I found it so I said I have to write. And the next book, I followed the same ritual and then it became a tradition and now I cannot write unless I find a white feather.’
Did he find one yesterday, I wonder, when he became London? There are, after all, lots of stray pigeon feathers in Trafalgar Square.
‘It’s easy to find the white feather, this is not the problem,’ he says, sternly. ‘The problem is to find a white feather in the January of an odd year. That is the challenge that I put to myself. That is what I must do every time.'”

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