How to do The Interview

Start like this, and take it from the top (link courtesy Amitava Kumar):

Robert Birnbaum: Talking to Jonathan Safran Foer.

Jonathan Safran Foer: Like the number four.

RB: OK. Anything you want to say—do you have any opportunities to extemporize?

JSF: Yeah. When I am writing. [chuckles] That’s the only chance in life, when I extemporaneously say whatever it is I want to say. In the way that I want to say it. Otherwise I feel like I am always responding. Writing is the one thing in life when you are not responding.

RB: Well, say something.

JSF: Say something that isn’t responding?

RB: Here’s your chance. Otherwise, I’m just going to ask you the same tedious questions that everyone has asked you ad nauseam.

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