Month: May 2005

  • Sarayu on Dom

    Sarayu Ahuja, writer and companion of the late Dom Moraes (they co-authored two books before he died), writes in Mid-Day Mumbai:“The last image that I remember of him is of his hands crossed over his body as he lay in a tapered coffin, too small not for his body but for who he was; and […]

  • I want Eco’s house(s)

    From a profile of Umberto Eco in The Telegraph:“We pass through a labyrinthine library containing 30,000 books – he has a further 20,000 at his 17th-century palazzo near Urbino – and into a drawing-room full of curiosities: a glass cabinet containing seashells, rare comics and illustrated children’s books, a classical sculpture of a nude man […]

  • Why we isspeak Inglis

    Jerry Rao offers a revisionist view of Macaulay’s infamous minute:“At one stroke, he became the most important founding father of modern India. Irrespective of one’s views, to think of India without the English language is pretty much like thinking of India without the monsoons. It may not touch everyone, but its influence touches everyone….”“…Neither Macaulay […]

  • For all my poet friends

    Annie, Zigzackly, and all of you poets out there who occupy the letters of the alphabet in between, this quote’s for you: “Whether anyone pays us or respects us or calls us a poet or not, just about any person alive will feel a tickle behind the left ear when we catch ourselves saying, ‘It […]

  • Book review: First Proof

    (This was written for Time Out Mumbai, about the only magazine I’ve ever worked for where the editor has mastered the art of screaming with EXTREME POLITENESS whenever I overshoot my deadlines, which is pretty much all the time.) First ProofThe Penguin Book of New Writing From India: 1Penguin India, Rs 295, 218+202 pages Has […]

  • Border song

    (This piece was written for The Kolkata Telegraph, which runs a small section on offbeat travel stories every Sunday. I should point out that the idea of frontiers being strange and meaningless constructions is hardly new: read Amitav Ghosh if you want to know just how much a simple pair of compasses and the circles […]

  • The BS column: Murdering your darlings

    (First published in the Business Standard, Speaking Volumes, May 24, 2005) It won’t be long now before a certain student of Hogwarts graduates from the most famous academy of magic and wizardry in the world, leaving his author, J K Rowling, with an unenviable prospect. There’s always the possibility that Harry Potter’s years at university […]

  • The BS column: virtual books

    (First published in the Business Standard, Speaking Volumes, MAY 17, 2005) (This week, two new giant-sized bookcases arrived in the house and we finally unpacked the last three cartons of books, taking us back to square one: there are no books in the cartons, ergo, there is no space on the new bookshelves, but in […]

  • Yehoshua: a profile

    Before I slope off to drink the best iced coffee in the world–take a long, tall, heatproof glass, pour in a bit of condensed milk and a ton of crushed ice, add strong, freshly brewed black coffee, stir, enjoy–here’s a link to this profile of A B Yehoshua in The Independent, (via Moorish Girl): Yehoshua’s […]

  • Writers 101: crash course

    A while back, Mad Max Perkins opened the space up to writers who wanted to share their experiences in the big bad world of publishing. Some of the Rants were pretty thoughtprovoking, but I gather he got plenty mail that wasn’t.“Recently I received a number of “Rants”–replies to the Mad Max “Rant this Space” Invitational–and […]