Sarayu on Dom

Sarayu Ahuja, writer and companion of the late Dom Moraes (they co-authored two books before he died), writes in Mid-Day Mumbai:
“The last image that I remember of him is of his hands crossed over his body as he lay in a tapered coffin, too small not for his body but for who he was; and his eyes shut, his face death-pale, yet peaceful and even thankful perhaps for the final journey. Yes, I remember those hands; they were porcelain white and glowing as though the moon had lent them its skin for the day.”





6 responses to “Sarayu on Dom”

  1. Anand Avatar

    Isn’t this Sarayu Srivatsa, maybe a previous surname ?I just reviewed The Long Strider.

  2. sarayu Avatar

    Yes sarayu ahuja and Sarayu srivatsa are the same.Sarayu

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Hello ! I am a former student of your from JJ in 1984. I would love to get in touch with you again since Ive evolved in my career and am attempting to write a novel and would love some insight from you. My email address is

  4. tara_rumpum Avatar

    i want to get in touch with ms.sarayu. please let me know-

  5. gita Avatar

    i have commenced a research on Dom Moraes in Madras University. Please help me.gita

  6. gita Avatar

    Ms.Sarayu can you help me in my research please My Email id is gitakarnad Thanks

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