I want Eco’s house(s)

From a profile of Umberto Eco in The Telegraph:
“We pass through a labyrinthine library containing 30,000 books – he has a further 20,000 at his 17th-century palazzo near Urbino – and into a drawing-room full of curiosities: a glass cabinet containing seashells, rare comics and illustrated children’s books, a classical sculpture of a nude man with his arms missing, a jar containing a pair of dog’s testicles, a lute, a banjo, a collection of recorders, and a collage of paintbrushes by his friend the Pop artist Arman.”





2 responses to “I want Eco’s house(s)”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    His is a pad I’ve long envied, his princely lifestyle as attractive to me as his books are unreadable. One of these days, insh’Allah, my name too will be uttered in the same breath as “17th century palazzo”. Abdul-Walid

  2. tyger Avatar

    i don’t know which i envy more, the palazzo, or the books it comes with.who else makes so much money for describing church doors?

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