Yehoshua: a profile

Before I slope off to drink the best iced coffee in the world–take a long, tall, heatproof glass, pour in a bit of condensed milk and a ton of crushed ice,
add strong, freshly brewed black coffee, stir, enjoy–here’s a link to
this profile of A B Yehoshua in The Independent, (via Moorish Girl):

Yehoshua’s most recent novel, not yet published in English, is The Mission of the Human-Resource Man. It’s set in the dark context of the Israel- Palestinian conflict and centres on the death of a foreign woman worker in a suicide bombing. He wanted to confront a specific problem, familiar to anyone who has watched the amazingly rapid clean-up operation after a suicide attack. That is the tendency to find it difficult, almost to the point of “suppression”, to commemorate the civilians killed in such attacks.
“We have a tradition of honouring the soldiers who are victims,” he says. “But the people killed in the first [suicide] attacks sitting in a café or in a bus or going to the supermarket – they were not heroes.” Israelis as well as Palestinians became “almost indifferent. The slogan was to return to normality, and it is even death without a possibility of revenge because the terrorist was killed with his victim.”





3 responses to “Yehoshua: a profile”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Dear Hurree, came by chance and am now hooked to your blog. Keep up the good work girl. Jazzy, London.

  2. Amrit Avatar

    Hmmm…I think it depends on how we define a heroic act. Soldiers are deemed as heroes because they valiantly fight and die during the combat. They have to show courage in taking a decision: they can run and save their lives, or they can confront the enemy and face death instead.On the other hand, if I’m merely sitting at a fast food restaurant and get killed in a suicide-bomb attack, however traumatic it is, it hardly makes me a hero. But then again, there are many factors: why am I sitting there? Just to have fun or defy the terrorists? If terrorists don’t want me to have a normal life and go sit in a restaurant, and if despite that I go and risk my life, then it becomes a different matter. Just my random thoughts.Amrit

  3. A nonny muss Avatar

    huree babu,you have won my april award for “Vot Yar.” pls visit my site so you dont shriek if a stranger comes up and thumps you in public.regards, nonny

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