My other blog is a Rolls Royce

As in, it’s of some vintage but it’s been lying idle in the garage for a while. Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta’s agreed to take the wheel, so if she’s not around at her usual haunt, it’s because she’s doing virtuous blogging at Animal Rights India. If I’m not around at Kitabkhana, I’d like to have you all think it’s because I’m doing virtuous blogging at Animal Rights India, but there is a chance tequila shots and dancing till 3 am will be involved instead.
If you’re wondering why animals (as if authors aren’t red enough in the tooth and claw department), it’s because this quote, from Barbara Kingsolver, struck an uncomfortable chord a while back. “Terms like that, ‘Humane Society,’ are devised with people like me in mind, who don’t care to dwell on what happens to the innocent.”





2 responses to “My other blog is a Rolls Royce”

  1. Loki Avatar

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Does this mean you’re not going to take me out to Karim’s for kebobs next time I’m in Delhi? What a shame.Pandy

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