Month: April 2005

  • The BS column: O V Vijayan

    (First published in Business Standard as SPEAKING VOLUMES FOR APRIL 5, 2005)O V Vijayan, god or Marx rest his soul: we invoked his name every time someone accused “regional” Indian writing of lacking imagination. Not Vijayan, we’d say, pointing to the Legends of Khasak, pointing to the wart that grew larger than the face it […]

  • And speaking of penguins…

    …haven’t seen a piece on Andrey Kurkov all that often. From The Financial Times:“Long before two novels about a depressed writer in Kiev who lives with an even more depressed penguin became best-sellers in the west, Kurkov, who has been translated into 23 languages, was needling the authorities back home.The genius of his sparse satires, […]

  • Penguin in many bhashas

    From The Bookseller:“Penguin is stepping up its attack on the growing Indian market with a local language program, the first non-English publishing from the 70-year-old house.Penguin India will publish four Hindi titles in April, including Hamara Hissa, an anthology of contemporary Hindi stories edited by Arun Prakash, and Shakuntala: The Play of Memory (Shakuntala: Smriti […]

  • Sects sects sects…

    There’s the one about the monk who spoke of monasteries, lamaseries and hermitages at such length that he finally exasperated his friend, who admonished him: “Sects, sects, sects, is that all you can think about?”Well, Anita Roy read The Alchemy of Desire and now she’s celibate. (Just kidding. But she clearly had fun doing the […]

  • Things not to read on an empty stomach

    Jhumpa Lahiri on the days before every store in the US stocked saffron and cardamom, when her family would pack nostalgia into a Food suitcase bound for America: “My parents created lists on endless sheets of paper, and my father spent days in the bazaars, haggling and buying by the kilo. He always insisted on […]