Vikram Seth, NRI?

Vikram Seth just received an award intended to honour diaspora Indians.
“After the ceremony, Mr. Seth said: “It feels great to get an award from your own country.” In a lighter vein, the writer, who divides time between London and New Delhi, said, “but I don’t feel completely pravasi.”

I remember an earnest session on diaspora writing a year ago.
Someone with many letters after her name asked: “What is the official name for writers who live in the home country as well as somewhere abroad and sometimes in a third place also? They are not really diaspora authors. They are not really NRIs. So what do we call them?”
We all turned to the Very Famous Author in our midst who lived in two and sometimes three countries.
“Well-travelled?” he suggested.





One response to “Vikram Seth, NRI?”

  1. coolie Avatar

    I hope Vikram washed the blood off his hands afterwards.The Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs, Jagdish Tytler, presented the 53-year-old writer a medal and a citation at a function here in his officeSlaughterer of Sikhs, ghoul of 1984 Tytler handing out prizes to writers, what great opportunities Indian politics offers to pogromists. Sanctity, absolution, privelige and prestige. I wonder if Vikram knew who he was bowing down to. Philip Roth once said something about the reality of American existence being more than anything a novelist could come up with: the novelist is busted. This applies ten thousand fold in India.That is my new ambition, to become a famous writer so that I too can be awarded by a gothic horror like Jagdish Tytler, and spit in his face, maybe throw some blood red paint over his head, too.Don’t these things make you stop and think, Niljana, wasnt it worth commenting on?

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