Orange: new writers

From the BBC: “Three authors have been shortlisted for the first Orange Award for new female writers, to be announced on 7 June.
Journalist Diana Evans has been chosen for her debut 26a, about twins living in London brought up by their Nigerian mother and dissatisfied British father.
New York-based Nell Freudenberger’s Lucky Girls is a collection of short stories set in Asia.
The third contender is Meg Rosoff’s How I Live, about a girl sent to England from New York for one ‘perfect summer’.”

I have good reason to remember Nell Freudenberger’s reading in Delhi. She read very well, it went down very well, and it was one of those crowds where everyone knew everyone, some in the deeply Biblical sense of the word “know”. One of the few people I didn’t know was this shy guy at the back of the room who sort of bobbed his hand in the air tentatively and shambled off eventually muttering, “I never got to ask my question”. Bumped into him a few days later at a bookshop, we got to chatting about new fiction, and I asked him what he wanted to ask Ms Freudenberger. “It was an important question, not like the rest who were asking about advances and how long she stayed in Delhi and all that sort of thing,” he said vehemently. “Oh, too bad you never got to ask it, then. What did you want to know?” “Her phone number,” he said and slouched away into the darkness.
He bought The Da Vinci Code and The Road Less Travelled; Freudenberger has no idea just how lucky a girl she is.





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