The Legends of Khasak

It’s hard to describe the impact of The Legends of Khasak to someone who hasn’t read it: the novel took O V Vijayan approximately 19 years to write, according to one reckoning, it has been in print for over thirty years, and it is often regarded as the indispensable Malayalam contemporary novel.
Vijayan died in Hyderabad this week after a prolonged illness; thousands turned out for his funeral.
Here’s a heartfelt obituary–and from V K Madhavan Kutty, the ultimate tribute:
“His best friends were cats, the Siamese cats at his Chanakyapuri residence. He would ask me to speak to his cat first whenever I called, and was in deep mourning when a cat died.”

One comment

  1. From his short story called Going Back: My contemplation was disturbed by the scurrying of rats. ‘Uncle,’ I said, ‘they are all over the place.”Let them be.’The noise of small teeth gnawing relentlessly was difficult to bear.’Shall I bring you a cat?’ I asked. ‘There is no need. They will go away, when the time comes, and they need no pursuing.’:(

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