Kafka’s overworked…

…these days.
In Turkey, a local administrator sends all state libraries a diktat: seize Orhan Pamuk’s books! Get them off the shelves! Except that, er, the libraries never carried any copies of Pamuk’s works anyway.
And Ian McEwan may be persona non grata in the US:
“McEwan’s diplomatic woes began a year ago when U.S. officials turned him away from entering the country in error. But that error has remained on the books to haunt him still.
‘Once you have been refused entry to the States, you go into the computer and you are regarded with suspicion,’ McEwan told Reuters in an interview. ‘It is a matter of enormous irritation.'” He’s said pretty trenchant things about conspiracies and paranoid imperial powers in Saturday. It ain’t paranoia, Ian, they are out to get you after all…


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