Indo-Pak zindabad

Suketu Mehta and Nadeem Aslam share the Kiriyama Prize. I’m happy because Maximum City and Maps For Lost Lovers were both brilliant books; headline writers are happy because they get to do the sub-editor’s equivalent of waving national flags in joyous tandem across the Wagah border.

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  1. Maximum City sounds like a great read. Although I have been getting a regular dose of the Bombay Buzz thanks to the Time Out magazine which now has a Bombay edition. And thanks again to Time Out, every time I visit Bombay, I have a fair idea of what I want to catch up with in Bombay. Even if I don’t do it ultimately. If only Delhi had an equivalent. What about books on Delhi? Is there an equivalent to Maximum City? And is there such a thing as a cult book relating to Delhi? An interesting piece by Jerry Pinto in Time Out on which book could be a cult book on Bombay (he finally settled on Ravan and Eddie) left me wondering.

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