Orange longlist

The Orange longlist is out, and the biker chick’s getting lots of attention.

Kate Atkinson: Case Histories (British, 4th novel)

Clare Clark: The Great Stink (British, 1st novel)

Kira Cochrane: Escape Routes For Beginners (British, 2nd novel)

Joolz Denby: Billie Morgan (British, 3rd novel)

Anita Desai: The Zigzag Way (Indian, 14th novel)

Christine Dwyer: Hickey Tatty (Irish, 4th novel)

Patricia Ferguson: It So Happens (British, 4th novel)

Melanie Finn: Away From You (British, 1st novel)

Jane Gardam: Old Filth (British, 15th novel)

Sue Gee: The Mysteries Of Glass (British, 9th novel)

Miranda Hearn: Nelson’s Daughter (British, 2nd novel)

Ingrid Hill: Ursula, Under (American, 1st novel)

Sheri Holman: The Mammoth Cheese (American, 3rd novel)

Marina Lewycka: A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian (British, 1st novel)

Nell Leyshon: Black Dirt (British, 1st novel)

Michelle Lovric: The Remedy (British, 3rd novel)

Maile Meloy: Liars and Saints (American, 1st novel)

Joyce Carol Oates: The Falls (American, 5th novel)

Lionel Shriver: We Need To Talk About Kevin (American, 7th novel)

Tricia Wastvedt: The River (British, 1st novel)

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  1. Hello HureeHave you read ‘The Alchemy of Desire’ by Tarun Tejpal yet? It’s getting hyped. Whats the word on the book, any good?

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