Insert De Pun here

I know this seems unlikely, but trust me. Ruchir Joshi managed to segue from this to… Hunter Thompson. Probably the first time in their lives (and afterlives) that De and the good doctor found themselves in close proximity.
“Soon, the bar was closed temporarily and people were listening, spellbound, to Shobhaa and a dozen of her best friends, six Über-Glitt Capital-Couples who had graciously agreed to have a little symposium about their happy espousalations. “Marriage is an idea,” Shobhaa expounded, “but the vidhi and the paperwork is just a moment. After that it’s the two of you who have to make the idea work.” One by one the happy hub-wife teams developed on this theme. “What about sex?” “Well, it’s important of course, but young people today have to be told it’s not the only thing.” “No,” I found myself muttering, shielding my eyes from all the massed diamondery, “There’s money. That matters too.””
The Guardian was a lot gushier about De. If they keep this sort of thing up, they could replace our local Page 3 journos. No, really.

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