Heyer, lowered

Mukul Kesavan discovers prejudice lurking unexpectedly
within the covers of Georgette Heyer’s The Grand Sophy:

“Heyer died in 1974 and since I had so many of her novels at hand, I spent a while turning to the copyright page of each one, just to date them, to see when she had written the good ones. The Grand Sophy, without doubt one of her best, had been first published by William Heinemann in 1950.
The date stayed in my mind and when I revisited The Grand Sophy and read my way through the Goldhanger scene it occurred to me that it had been written at the end of the decade of Hitler and the Holocaust. Heyer had invented her greasy, servile, hook-nosed, hooded-eyed, sinister, blood-sucking Jew inside a few years of Hitler killing six million men, women and children for being hook-nosed, hooded-eyed, sinister, blood-sucking Jews.”

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