Kipling (and a Chicklitany)

From Publisher’s Weekly, two new deal reports:

“Victoria Vinton’s debut novel about the year
Rudyard Kipling lived in Vermont with his new bride
and wrote The Jungle Book, and a fictional family
whose son inspires the creation of Mowgli, to Anika
Streitfeld at MacAdam/Cage, for six figures, in a
pre-empt, by Maria Massie at Lippincott Massie
McQuilkin (world).

First-time author and 17-year-old Harvard student
the story of how a beautiful nerd
cracks the popular kids’ clique, finds her first
love and figures out who she really is after
learning that the HOWGIH (How Opal Will Get Into
Harvard) plan she has been faithfully following
since kindergarten has made her the kind of
automaton that a Harvard dean looks down on, to
Michael Pietsch and Asya Muchnick at Little, Brown,
by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh at William Morris Agency.”

I’m looking forward to the Vinton, even if she did decide to saddle poor Rudyard with kids. But the Opal Mehta book? The Babu gets enough desi chicklit coming in off the Indian market, thank you, to keep him barfing like a Roman at a particularly demanding orgy. It doesn’t raise his spirits to know that there’s More Where That Came From, especially with Penguin India releasing branded chicklit–Rupa Gulab’s debut novel is the first in a series of special editions endorsed by Shobhaa De. Gulab’s actually done a pretty good job, unlike some we could name if we hadn’t forgotten their amazingly delible work. On the other hand, if I meet another author peddling Bridget Joneses Cloneses in a world of arranged marriages, I will sally forth and write my own steamy bestseller, starring a yearning, independent, working girl, Mr Right, and the fine, upstanding axe murderer who dispatches them to a version of heaven where they can read the matrimonials together for all eternity. To be called Deranged Marriage (happy ending guaranteed).

One comment

  1. Other titles:A Suitable Divorce [Similar to the plot you outline… axe-murderer…]Rotten Chutney, Rancid Chai [I just like the title]Sweat Masala [A 40-ish Bhangra Aerobics Instructor Gets Her Groove Back — meets younger man, etc]The Devil Wears Banarasi [as in, Saris]

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