Hungry kya?

Jerry Rao’s tribute to R K Narayan is not to be read on an empty stomach, as the Babu, now rummaging for the phone number of the nearest Sagar/ Udipi, has just discovered.
“The idea of deliberately restricting one’s scale of operations, but achieving exquisite balance, irony and brilliance has never left me since then. Narayan is the ultimate veena-playing vegetarian. He does not pretend to have an orchestra with hundreds of violins, harps, cellos and horns. He does not pretend to a wide range of sauces and meats. But within his self-imposed limits of a quietly comical Malgudi he plays an exquisite raga, concocts a delectable rasam!”


  1. i am 17 and in love with Raskolnikov.(Rhetorically speaking)What’s Babu’s take on “Crime&…”?And just how many newspapers does Babu read?

  2. This coming from Jerry Rao is pretty ironical.Several of his metaphors don’t really fly. Vidyarthi Bhavan is a pokey little joint in Gandhi Bazaar, but definitely server the most Ghee Laden Dosas. This is no comparison to the light-weight delectable RK Narayan.

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