Guillermo Cabrera Infante

The author of Three Trapped Tigers died of an infection at the age of 75 yesterday.
From The Paris Review interview with Cabrera Infante:

“INTERVIEWER: Surely you believe in immortality, a niche in that book called Literary History?
CABRERA INFANTE: I don’t believe in immortality, either of the body or of the written word, my corpus. Remember, when we talk about those immortal writers, like Homer, we are not talking about the writers but their writing. Dead men don’t write. Dead writers don’t last. Homer exists as a continuous process of rewriting called reading and translation.”

My friend the Cynical Writer mourned Cabrera Infante’s death, spoke of the Cuban writer’s political involvement and finished thusly: “Jaanish, he wrote the best bloody description of a blow job ever. No one else has come close.”

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