It’s all about Geelani…oops, not quite

Arundhati Roy is probably the only writer whom one admires with teeth clenched. She rises to the defence of beleaguered lecturer S R Geelani, which is deeply admirable and very necessary:
“Geelani and his family have suffered enough. Can we stop using them to fuel our crude patriotic fantasies and simple-minded cloak-and-dagger theses?”

She should have stopped right there, but no Arundhati essay is complete without her own particular, well-loved blend of paranoia and narcissism:
“That’s it from me folks. ‘Bye now. Let the insults roll. Oh look! Here’s one already…

Dear Sir
Once again you have subjected us to another of Ms Roy’s pointless one-sided diatribes. As usual she flays us with her passion and poetry but no facts. When will she understand the difference between fiction and fact? Why can’t she go back to writing award-winning children’s books and leave us in peace? She is clearly a supporter of Islamic terrorism. She should try living behind a burqa and see what it feels like. Geelani and his ilk belong in Guantanamo Bay. As for Ms Roy and her ilk—they are taking unnecessary advantage of Indian democracy. She is an anti-Indian, anti-American anti-national. Moreover she is also anti-development. The only thing she is “pro” is publicity. She wants to take us back into the Bullock Cart Age. There is no place for people like this in the New India—the foremost, emerging international superpower.


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