‘Forget Kathmandu’ author in hiding?

Manjushree Thapa’s book on Nepal couldn’t have been more presciently, or dangerously timed: she was here in India giving interviews just before the king announced his coup.

Asia Media says she may be in hiding:

“Dahal [who is currently missing] also edits the weekly tabloid newspaper Saptahik Bimarsh. On Friday, the paper’s opinion page was blank, not a word below the opinion masthead. Two weeks ago, Forget Kathmandu, an Elegy to Democracy, by Manjushree Thapa, was published. It is an personal appraisal of what has gone wrong in Nepal since the first democratic elections in 1990. The present king does not fare well. Now the author is in hiding, unsure of her status with the regime.”

The Outlook review comments: “The author has spared no one—politicians whether of the extreme left or extreme right, veteran freedom-fighters, Maoist insurgents, civil society (“we, the bourgeoisie”)—in her account of the multi-faceted crisis that grips her country today. She is especially irreverential about the occupants of Narayanhity Palace, past and present. Perhaps this was the only way to demystify history and expose the cynical self-serving actions of the Nepalese polity, which has brought the country to the brink.”

And The Indian Express said:

“Thapa paints a bleak portrait of a land mired in poverty and desperation, whose fragile equilibrium was made even more complicated by the atrocities of Nepal’s security forces. She lets her Maoist interlocutors speak for themselves and their stories make for compelling reading.”

One comment

  1. she’s not in hiding, just in exile. and the book is superb, a must read, full of compassion and insight and verve. poor nepal, but it’s good if these iidiots who’ve taken over are to be repudiated once and for all. Once this fool of a king fails, there’ll be no more talk of “a strong man to sort things out”. Nepalis will have to, and will, figure things out on their own.

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