Month: January 2005

  • Honey, I’m Home

    While I was out, the blogalaxy was buzzing. Moorish Girl is with book (I’m the last to do this, but congratulations, Laila, may the force be with you etc), Ed Rants and Sepia Mutiny reported on the pathetic racist radio jockeys who abused the hell out of a call centre worker who can’t talk back–and […]

  • Rukavat Ke Liye Khed Hai

    …Kitabkhana may be back up this weekend, depending on the generosity of Delhi-s stone-hearted linesmen. Until then, this is what the Babu is doing: 1)unpacking cartons and cartons and bloody endless cartons of books that he packed up just a few weeks ago. This is a bit like carefully giftwrapping your own presents a week […]

  • Good on yer!

    The Denver Post pays homage to litbloggers, including some of our personal faves: “In their energy and occasional outrageousness, the blogs recall the golden age of literary magazines in the ’60s, when at least one in Madison, Wis., was printed on paper stolen from a school English Department, run off on a mimeograph machine in […]

  • The Radclyffe Hall affair

    75 years after the British government made secret plans to arrest Radclyffe Hall for “corrupting the young”, the documents in the case have been released. My favourite story about the lesbian author concerns the incomparable Sam Goldwyne. Told that he couldn’t film The Well of Loneliness because it was about lesbianism, he found a solution: […]

  • And William Burroughs was inspired by Louisa May Alcott

    Without comment: “Irvine Welsh, whose portrayals of drug addiction, petty crime, hooliganism and pornography made him a cult author, has cited the genteel world of Jane Austen’s fiction as a major influence on his work.” She would have been consumed with transports of joy.

  • Goldie Yawn

    In which publishing officially goes to the dogs. If it wasn’t enough that Dean Koontz is going through a particularly productive phase (his books are to airport literature what airport food is to fine cuisine), now it’s him and his little dog too. The memoirs of Trixie Koontz, golden retriever, were edited by Dean. It […]