Honey, I’m Home

While I was out, the blogalaxy was buzzing. Moorish Girl is with book (I’m the last to do this, but congratulations, Laila, may the force be with you etc), Ed Rants and Sepia Mutiny reported on the pathetic racist radio jockeys who abused the hell out of a call centre worker who can’t talk back–and got shut down for his pains because so many people dropped in at his site. TEV, Maud and various others got into a wingding over a case of plagiarism that was or wasn’t. Indian bloggers (pinched this off Jai, as usual) discovered a foul plagiarist in their midst (hey, we’re worthy of being ripped off? Good on us!).

And I unpacked 54 cartons of books. There are four more to go, but there’s no more space. Except in the fridge and I’ve been looking at those nice, wide, deep shelves and thinking this is Delhi, in the winter, who needs a fridge anyway?





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